Tuning Your Guitar

Why Tune the Guitar

Various factors can cause a guitar to go out of tune; these include humidity and change in temperature, tension in the strings, improper stretching of the guitar strings and the quality of the guitar. It has often been noticed that a cheap quality guitar gets frequently out of tune. Inferior quality pegs also result in the guitar losing its tune often.

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Online Guitar Lessons

Learn to Play Guitar Online

Many people would love to learn how to play the guitar. From a ten year old, to teenagers, and even seniors. Some people want to learn how to play the guitar just for the fun of it and others want to play at parties and become a professional. What ever their or your reason is, the most important thing to consider is that you find the right guitar  coach from the first day that you start.

I can guarantee you that there are plenty of great guitar teachers all over the place in your city or town. If you are looking for one, the best thing to do is to go and open up your local yellow pages. In there, you will find a list of people who are offering their service for a fee.

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Welcome to Martin Guitar Finder

Martin Guitar Finder is the free, premier resource for players and collectors of Martin Guitars. Search Martin Guitars currently listed on eBay by year or model, or check out Featured Martin Guitar auctions. Find Martin Guitars listed on International eBay sites. Visit the Martin Guitars Bookstore for informative and collectible Martin Guitars Literature. Hunting for a particular guitar? Martin Guitar Finder is much better than a traditional eBay search.

Martin Guitar Finder is part of the FretFinder network, an independent eBay affliiate not associated with C.F. Martin and Company. Martin Guitar Finder connects guitar buyers to Martin Guitar eBay auctions and relevant Amazon books.

Thousands of Martin Guitars are bought and sold on eBay. Martin Guitar Finder provides information about how to evaluate Martin Guitars offered for sale, what questions to ask sellers and how to buy safely online.

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How to Clean a Guitar

Guitar Cleaning

The Guitar is a sensitive instrument which needs to be cleaned regularly. The accumulation of dirt and dust not only spoils its appearance but also affects its sound and playability. A well maintained guitar not only lasts longer but is more playable and sounds beautiful too. Most people think that cleaning a guitar is a cumbersome job and should be left to experts only; however in actual practice cleaning a guitar is very easy and anyone who owns and plays the instrument should know how to clean a guitar.

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Guitar Improvisation – The Minor Pentatonic Scale

Guitar Improvisation

Soloing over guitar chords is easy when you know how to use the minor pentatonic scale. Add spice and power to your solos with these simple but highly effective techniques.

The humble minor pentatonic scale is what most guitar players start with when learning to solo. Trouble is, they don't learn to use the scale to it's best potential.

Here, I'll show you an easy way to use the pentatonic scale to solo over the three most common guitar chord types: Major, minor and dominant 7th chords.

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