D-40, D-41, D-42, D-45, D-50

Martin Guitars : Dreadnought  D-40—D-50

The "Dreadnought" body style was developed by  C.F. Martin & Company, and has since been copied by other guitar manufacturers. The Dreadnought style was originally manufactured by Martin for  the Oliver Ditson Company. In 1931, Martin began producing Dreadnought guitars carrying the Martin name. The first two models were the D-1 and D-2.

D-41 and higher models feature rosewood bodies. Higher model numbers indicate degrees of added ornament and decoration, including abalone purfling and ornate mother of pearl inlay.

The dreadnought guitar body is large and loud. When the dreadnought was created, the word 'dreadnought' referred to a large battleship. The Dreadnought has distinctive square shoulders and bottom. The neck is usually attached to the body at the 14th fret.

Martin Dreadnought model numbers consist of "D-" followed by a number, such as "D-28" and "D-18."

Martin Dreadnought guitars were popularized by folk musicians of the mid-20th century, especially bluegrass guitarists. The Martin Dreadnought is considered to produce the signature sound of bluegrass flatpicking.

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