Tuning Your Guitar

Why Tune the Guitar

Various factors can cause a guitar to go out of tune; these include humidity and change in temperature, tension in the strings, improper stretching of the guitar strings and the quality of the guitar. It has often been noticed that a cheap quality guitar gets frequently out of tune. Inferior quality pegs also result in the guitar losing its tune often.

The Traditional Methods of Tuning

Relative Tuning or tuning by the ear is the most common and a traditional method of guitar tuning. In this method you can compare the tuning of the adjacent pair of strings and then tune one string with reference to another. Generally the lower string is assumed to be tuned in and the high pitched string is tuned in reference to it. The lower string (string 6-low E) is tuned to reference pitch from a tuning fork and the remaining strings are then tuned accordingly. The reference pitch can also be from a piano, keyboard or another well- tuned guitar.

Another traditional method of guitar tuning is the pitch pipes. A pitch pipe comprises of six separate pipes each pipe corresponding to one string of a guitar; the user blows into each pipe and tunes the corresponding string to the sound of the pipe.

The electronic tuners are also commonly used for tuning guitars and are considered the easiest way to tune guitars. The electronic tuner reads the frequency of each string and the guitar tuning is adjusted until the needle on the tuner shows that you have reached the correct pitch. The electronic tuners are mostly used by professional guitar players as these are the most reliable tuning instruments and work quite effectively even in crowded and noisy places such as concert halls.

The Contemporary Methods of Tuning the Guitar

There are lots of gadgets, websites and instruments available for tuning guitars. You can choose from digital tuners to do it yourself tuning CDs. The Youtube is also a reliable source for tuning guitars. Many guitarists have posted informative and easy to follow videos for guitar tuning on the Youtube.

You can also tune your guitar using your smart phones and MP3 players. Apps are available for iPhone and Android which not only give useful instructions for guitar playing but also tell you how to tune your guitar. There are various websites which can be easily accessed for online guitar tuning. The GarageBand for iPad2 is another app which helps you tune your guitar. Your MP3 is also a fantastic device to tune your guitar. There are MP3 files of guitar tuning to help you get your guitar in tune. You can also download audio samples from online guitar tuning sites to your MP3 player or iPod in order to get a mobile tuner. Guitar tuning software such a PitchPerfect is also ideal for guitar tuning. This free software works on Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 as well as on Mac OS 10.3.


Tuning a guitar is extremely important as a poorly tuned guitar can make an expert guitarist sound horrible. Tuning a guitar is relatively easy and does not require the services of an expert. There are different ways to tune your guitar both traditional and modern. Traditional methods of tuning rely on tuning by ear and often do not produce the desired results. The contemporary methods make use of technology and produce somewhat better results. However the best results can be achieved through electronic tuners as they the most dependable device for guitar tuning.

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